From clay to statue

How does one begin?

The sculptures you see on my site are made of clay. Depending on the type of sculpture and whether it will be placed indoors or outdoors, will lead to the sort of clay of which the sculpture will be made.

As you will see I make busts, complete sculptures and fantasy work. I can show you some of the work at my workplace.

To make a sculpture I will need a few pictures, the finished work will depend on the quality of the pictures if not all is visible on pictures I will either have to guess or you will have to give me some more information. Only then, can I make a perfect likeness.

I start with the amount of clay that I think will be necessary to make a preliminary sculpture, as to get the right form and shape. When this is to my liking, I will start to give the sculpture its definitive form and it will slowly grow to its completion. I can talk about it very lightly, but it is of course a process of months and a labour of love. Sculptures of humans or animals have to have the right feeling and recognition for the commissioner.

As I wish to work with the commissioner for the perfect result, the finished sculpture will be, before it has hardened out, checked and talked over with you and if necessary, finalising corrections will be made. After this, the sculpture will need about a month to harden before it is fired.

After firing the work may require painting. This can be bronze or full colour, whichever you wish. This painting process will take about a month.

Taking everything into account, clay to sculpture will take around five months.

I hope that, after reading all this and looking at the pictures, you would like to make an appointment with me for a sculpture of your choice. Please go to CONTACT en send me directly an E-Mail.