A warm welcome to you all!

My name is Jeannine Indeweij-Gerlings, daughter of Kiss Riemvis and this is my website on which you can see pictures of my unique handmade sculptures.

You can also read some cuttings from newspapers en magazines about my work. ( unfortunately only in Dutch)
More about myself as a person is in a small biography, and if all this has taken your interest and you would like to commission a sculpture do not hesitate to contact me.

Every human and animal has its own unique expression and this is exactly what you will find in my sculptures.

Sensitivity, atmosphere and recognising that’s what you are feeling and thinking, with your loved one I will bring to life in my sculptures so they will be of comfort to you and will give you a warm feeling.

With my own feelings and capability I will attempt anything in ceramics.

Whether it’s a modern fantasy or a realistic work, talk it over with me. I find new challenges over and over but you yourself may also have many ideas.

With pictures of your dearest, whether its a human or an animal, I will make a perfect likeness from either in ceramics, bronze colour or in full colour. The commissioned sculpture will have the vibe and type that you desire.

Therefore I’m convinced that my work is unique and so can state that all my commissioners have one hundred percent satisfaction with the finished work.

Hope you have lots of fun reading the text and looking at the pictures.