Before you get to know my work I would like to tell you something about myself.
As I said before my name is Jeannine and I’m married to a wonderful man called Leon.

Thirty years ago, out of my own free will I started making ceramic sculptures, but to orientate myself in other materials. I signed up at the Free Academy in Zoetermeer. With the knowledge from the academy and my personal development as an artist I am now able to make any possibly ceramic.

How did it all started?
As a child I was already fascinated by nature, life and art. Since I did not know what kind of art it would be, I started to develop myself in fashion.
Over the years I realized that I had a Spirit sense and began to develop it further. I discovered that I had to bring my mind to something tangible and I made the choice to start woodcarving, so my first sculptures are made of wood. I was guided with supernatural powers to make such sculptures. After many years of woodcarving, I followed courses at the University and I started working with ceramics. My hands were guided to make ceramic sculptures and with my passion and drive I made sculptures to perfection.

Eventually people got to know my work as I attended exhibitions. I received assignments to create sculptures of people and deceased loved ones. I can create sculptures that are a perfect likeness from the pictures my customers gave me. Therefore for those who handed me the picture from their loved ones the sculpture was and always will be a pleasant memory from their loved ones. Besides images of people I can also create sculptures of animals, fantasy and I am often very motivated me to create sculptures of Indians.
Fantasy images, which I have made and which of the majority are still in my own collection, represent a part of periods of my life. Good times, hard times, sad times in my life gave me enough inspiration to create sculptures. Because of this, I developed myself further and further which made me reached the level that I am creating sculptures on today.

Many people and animal lovers are still grateful for the sculptures I’ve made of their loved ones.

Because of my passion and empathy I cansay, these are my sculptures: SCULPTURES WITH A SOUL